Timeless advertisement

Advertising neon signs, with more than 100 years of tradition, are nowadays experiencing a renaissance. They are becoming very popular again, because they can be placed even in areas that are difficult to reach on tall buildings. They are characterized by good weather resistance , so that they can perform their role for years without any problems. It gives them an advantage in competition with LED technology.

Neons were once associated mainly with the entertainment industry. Nowadays, they are used for virtually every kind of enterprise. Thanks to the possibility of obtaining unusual shapes combined with expressive light colours, they easily remain in the customer's memory. They have a positive image and are well received by the public.

Very important nowadays is also the fact that they are an energy-saving advertising medium, which is suitable both as a small signboard as well as a large-format banner advertising. Their additional advantage in comparison with LEDs is almost 3 times more light intensity at similar power consumption.

How can I order?

You just need to use the form of free valuation and you will get an exact price without hidden costs. After approval, we proceed with the order processing.

As a result, you will receive a securely packed shipment. Its installation on the wall will be an easy task based on the instructions that we will provide. If you prefer, you can choose the option of the installation being performed by us.